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Into The Light - Keyart
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Left side

Damien is driving fast, drunk. He loses control of his car and nothing happens. He wakes up in a gas station with a mysterious figure who invites him to follow him.

Manipulated, lost and filled with anxiety he will have to keep moving forward to survive and discover his link with this new environment with new rules.

You will have to explore many places beyond reality. But the biggest puzzle of the game is its scenario and understanding where it takes you.

Accompanied by a mysterious protagonist, discover Damien's story and why he is living this terrifying adventure.

Think, Seek and React

Into The Light is above all a puzzle game that seeks to immerse you in an oppressive atmosphere. The knowledge of the environment and the way you react with it is very important to understand your next objective and how to get there. You will play with environmental mechanics, searching for objects and combining them to get to the end of the puzzles that are proposed to you.

Don't Stay in The Dark

You'll travel to different locations, each with their own stories that will help you solve Into The Light's puzzles around the light. The darkness is your main enemy and it will do everything to keep you in it.

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